Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Together we can

We are four days into the New Year. Are your New Year’s Resolutions still intact? I have no sound scientific research to back this up, but I suspect “get healthy (lose weight)” is among the top three resolutions, right next to “get organized” and “get out of debt.”

Isn’t it curious that what these three goals have in common is the need for self-discipline, will-power, stick-to-itness. Hmmm. I’ll leave that to the social scientists to contemplate.

Several events are scheduled in the next couple months to support our quest for health and/or wellness and to uphold this year’s Civic Engagement Theme of Health: Promoting Wellness for Self and Community.

We start out with “Fitness as a Spiritual Discipline” as the first Forum of the new year. The concept of pulling together physical and spiritual fitness? OK you’ve got my attention. And I’ve got my calendar marked for Tuesday, Jan. 10, Yoder Recital Hall.

A few weeks later Shelly Weaverdyck Ph.D., 1977 Bluffton alumnae and director of EMU/HW Alzheimer’s Research Program, will talk about “Wellness in Aging.” None of us are getting any younger, so guess I’d better plan to attend that one too – Tuesday, Feb. 7, Yoder Recital Hall. Wellness at any age is a good thing.

“Prelude to a New Program: The Bluffton Dietetic Internship” will be presented Friday, Feb. 10, in Stutzman Lecture Hall by Bluffton professor Deb Myers. Much work has been going on behind the scenes to establish a post-baccalaureate dietetic internship program at Bluffton which will begin fall 2012. An internship after graduation is a requirement for dietetics majors to become registered and licensed dietitians.

Finally, the Women’s Council has expanded the annual R&R for Women event to include multiple presentations around the theme of “Balancing your World; Caring for Yourself.” Alumnae are invited to spend a day on campus reconnecting with friends old and new, and gaining tips for security, financial preparedness, nutrition and self-care, and being pampered (massages will be offered). March 21 is the registration deadline for the event which takes place Saturday, March 24. Call a couple friends and register as a group to enjoy a $15 per person discount on the registration fee.

Need more hands-on motivation? Team Andy continues through July. You’re invited to sign up and report every 30-minute session of activity in a quest for the Bluffton community to get to the finish line before Bluffton’s Ironman-in-training. You’ll be supporting Andy while he motivates you to get active.

It’s no secret that trying to reach a seemingly unreachable goal by yourself is very difficult. So turn to Bluffton to gain motivation to achieve wellness in 2012.

Together. We. Can. Do. This.

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