Thursday, December 11, 2014

Finals Week through Twitter

Must be the end of fall semester. The parking lots on campus are starting to empty and Bluffton’s Twitter feed is filling up with students celebrating (or stressing about) the end of fall semester finals and the beginning of Christmas break.

@BlufftonU: So finals week is upon us. Remember to breathe!

@BKurilec5: Finals week...when cleaning my room sounds fun. #needtofocus

@ScoutWeber: I just want it to be Christmas break already so I can chill and stop worrying about school

@BlufftonBound: Good luck on those finals, Beavers!! Study hard, but don't forget to take a break tonight for the Finals Breakfast :) #BlufftonU #tradition

@RebeccaMarieHan: @BlufftonU thank you for the Christmas breakfast tonight, it was amazing! #thankful

President Harder, faculty and staff members serve breakfast.

@EAlpeter: I'm getting so anxious to go home

@MIGUEL_GILLIE25: Hoop session and lift to ease the pain #Active #Focused

@j_fayee: Couldn't stay awake when I was writing my paper and now I can't go back to sleep now that I'm in bed...

@JonesWt13: Anyone wanna come keep me company while I study

@j_fayee: Honors party at Rudi's!!

@MIGUEL_GILLIE25: Exams have been in my favor so far this week let's hope it stays that way.

@JonesWt13: Got up a little early to study before my final, and I haven't looked at my notes or anything... #imscrewed

@AmyBlankenship6: Another semester in the books! #finalsweek

@BKurilec5: DONE with Capstone.

@kroushia6: I get to go home tomorrow

@j_fayee: Just finished my last final at Bluffton ever!

@blufftonU: You made it! Now go home and get some sleep