Monday, August 27, 2012

Making beds

It must be a mom thing.

I have this vivid memory of NEEDING to make my son’s bed as we moved him into his first college dorm room. It was more than just making sure he had sheets to sleep on and a warm blanket to keep him warm. It was a nurturing thing, like if I tucked the sheets in tight enough he would continue to feel my love long after we’ve left campus.

So last Friday I’m wondering across campus trying to capture the emotions of move-in day. And what do I find, but mothers, all across campus, making their son’s and daughter’s beds. And fathers, all across campus, constructing things, lofts and shelving units.

Mothers making beds does not make for very good video, especially when the bed is against the wall. There is no heart-felt eye-lock with this child who – wasn’t it just last week went off to kindergarten?

By the time the bed is made, the loft is built, clothes are in the closet, the fridge is stocked, posters hung, roommates have met. It’s nearly the last thing done before, well, before it’s time to leave. Students are anxious to have freedom to get to know these people who will become life-long friends. And parents, well, we’re hoping to hang on just one more minute.

And so we make the bed. And we tuck it tight.