Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Make memories

Saw a Facebook post this morning which both made my heart leap for joy, and my stomach drop with panic.

“There are only 6 Monday nights left in this academic year. #fistpump” (Thank you Carrie Phillips.)

Not sure why spring semester always seems more stressful than the fall. Could due to a lack of sunlight, cold weather, cabin fever?

February is typically the worst. Mid-terms and projects, all due before spring break. Then once students return from break, it’s like a mad dash to the finish line. Graduating seniors start to panic, realizing that they will soon be out in the “real world.” (I'm starting to panic because my trusted student assistants are leaving me for the summer.)

If I might give a piece of unsolicited advice to you seniors… do not fear the “real world.”

While it can be frightening to leave the comfort of the known, just think, where you would be now if you had never gotten on the bus for your first day of kindergarten?

You have spent your past four (or so) years preparing for “life as well as vocation, for responsible citizenship, for service to all peoples and ultimately for the purposes of God’s universal kingdom.”

Just six weeks before you take on the world. Finish your college experience strong. Take advantage of the Center for Career and Vocation. Send out resumes. Prepare for your next step.

But at the same time, be sure to make memories. Compete on an intramural team. Play Tennis Ball Golf. Stay up late with friends and floormates solving the world’s problems. Enjoy meals in The Commons. Make trips to the Whippy Dip. (I hear it opens Friday!)

While the “real world” is not to be feared, make sure you enjoy every last moment as a student on Bluffton’s campus.