Friday, January 20, 2012

Call me!

Friends reconnect at R&R for Women 2011.

I walked into work the other day and received one of those “other duties as assigned” projects – to work on text for the R&R for Women  brochure.

Now I’m familiar with the annual R&R event, an alumnae reunion, which was introduced in 2010. Originally known as Reconnecting and Reaching Out, it was an afternoon of reminiscing, programming and entertainment planned especially for Bluffton University women.

This year’s event has been expanded to a full day of sessions of interest to women and presented by alumnae, Bluffton professors and students. I am fortunate to have worked on the brochure text because I may have skimmed over the day’s agenda had I not.

It’s going to be an interesting day with pertinent topics and knowledgeable speakers, at least in my opinion. Maybe it’s just where I am in life right now, but gaining tips to organize and secure important documents (including passwords), insurance needs, self-care, nutrition, relating to “crazy kids and grumpy grandmas,” it all sounds really helpful.

And what women’s conference would be complete without ample time to visit and shopping opportunities – can anybody say new Bluffton University sweatshirt?

So, who wants to go with me? We get a group discount if three of us to sign up together!

More about the R&R for Women conference on March 24, 2012, including online registration.

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