Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Valentine’s Day

Did you know that roughly a quarter of all Bluffton alumni met their future spouse on campus?

I’m glad to be represented in that number. Doug and I met my freshman year when my roomie and I took a shortcut through Bren-Dell lobby. We happened upon a group from Third Bren-Dell watching M*A*S*H in the lobby. Honest, we were just looking to save a few steps. It’s pure coincidence that we both ended up marrying guys from Third.

Guess the upcoming Valentine’s Day has me waxing nostalgic about new love on campus and remembering those days of dating on a college student’s budget. Twenty some years ago there was a wonderful Italian restaurant in the Lima American Mall. Great food and cheap! And you had to love dollar nights at the Shannon Theatre. Didn’t much matter what was playing, we were there.

I could bore you with stories of our courtship - like the night that forever turned Valentine’s Day into Hallmark’s Day for my hubby. (If you plan to play cards on a special day, play guys vs. girls. Do not play couples as partners! Just saying.)

I’m more interested in your stories. How did you meet? How did you date? Did you ever kiss on the bridge by Ropp Hall in the moonlight?

Are the memories flowing? Share the memories with your honey, and with us!

Forget greeting cards and chocolates, this year I think we’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day with spaghetti, warm bread sticks, and break out the M*A*S*H season 5 DVD.


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  1. Ah, Sara, thanks for the memory. With Rachel in college all my dormant collegiate memories have been coming to the surface.

    Grateful for three things from Bluffton: my degree and my husband and my former roommates.