Thursday, February 24, 2011

24 days and counting

So, was last week Mother Nature’s way of playing a cruel joke or to give hope that winter will not last forever?

Just a week ago, temps on campus neared the 60 degree mark. Most of the snow melted away. Students broke out their shorts and flip flops. The baseball team cleaned remaining snow off the tennis courts in order to practice outdoors. While visiting a fellow HCAC campus, I witnessed a massive afternoon-long Ultimate Frisbee contest.

There’s just something about that first taste of spring, even when – especially when - we know it’s just a tease.

For being the shortest in the number of days, February seems to be one long month. “OOOH it’s snowing!” has turned into “UGH- snow.” We yearn to lift our face to the warmth of the sun instead of bundling up against the cold.

Remember what February was like on campus? Not only has winter got you down, but you’re in the heart of the academic semester- mid-terms, papers, projects, performances. Talk about a synergistic effect! Think it was about this time of year that my roomie and I had our one major tiff and the curtains ended up on the floor. Tensions do tend to run high in February.

Take heart fellow travelers… even though winter has returned with a vengeance, there are signs that spring is just around the corner. Daylight hours are getting longer. It was actually light as I drove into work this morning! And the birds were singing. What a blessing.

Nevermind that the weathermen are calling for 6-8 inches of snow by tomorrow noon. It’s only 24 days until the official first day of spring. Let the countdown begin.

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