Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Indian Summer

This past stretch of weather has been absolutely beautiful. Shirt-sleeves, sunshine, cool breezes and mid-October. Don’t you just love Indian Summer?

Anybody who has been on Bluffton’s campus can attest to the beauty of this place in any season. But this autumn has been stellar. Some years the leaves just turn brown and fall, but this year we’ve had reds, golds, greens and every shade in between.

I’ve had photographers tell me in the past they struggle taking fall photos in Ohio because the sky “looks like mud.” Not this past week. For the most part the sky has been a brilliant, cloud-free blue.

We turned our student photographer Katie Steenrod loose Friday afternoon. She had one directive, “Go take fun, fall photos.” Not sure if she had more fun taking the creative shots, or donning the hard hat and taking close-up construction photos.

Walking across campus just now, I noticed the intramural staff has the Tennis Ball Golf stakes out. It is perfect weather for TBG. Expect that as students return from fall break tonight, people will have to watch out for flying tennis balls.

I passed a professor who wondered aloud, “What are we doing inside on a day like this?”

Which leaves me with one question. Is it possible to have spring fever in October?

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