Thursday, March 17, 2011

Signs that it must be spring

As the temperatures near 70 degrees today, there are many signs that spring has arrived on campus.

10. Flip flops are back, even though for some people flips are a year-round attire.

9. Darryl Nester ‘88, professor of mathematics, has been walking to campus, in short sleeves. Again, Darryl walking to campus isn’t unusual, but having ditched the coat…

8. Those crazy squirrels are everywhere.

7. FORE! The Tennis Ball Golfers are out.

6. The annual faculty/staff fitness challenge began this week. This year’s challenge will conclude with participation in the May Day Run.

5. The tennis courts near Lincoln are hopping. Could it be students preparing for the return of intercollegiate tennis in 2011-12?

4. A variety of music genres can be heard through open windows in the residence halls.

3. There was a run on ice cream cones in The Commons. Of course the sugar cones were restocked yesterday after I chose a different dessert.

2. Today is the Bluffton Beaver baseball home opener. (Softball is playing at Alma today.)

And the number one sign that it must be spring

1. Trevor Bechtel, assistant professor of religion, just rolled by on a skateboard with his satchel slung over his shoulder.

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