Wednesday, March 9, 2011

One Bite at a Time

Eight weeks. Once students return from spring break on Sunday, that’s what is left in the school year. Just eight weeks to finish academic papers, projects and presentations. Eight weeks to rehearse the May Day musical. Eight weeks for seniors to prepare for life after college, while soaking in as much of Bluffton as possible.

For faculty and staff, there are graduation lists to approve, preparations for May Day and graduation events, funds to raise for the new Health and Fitness Education Center and preparations for next fall with room draw, financial aid packets, students to recruit, orientation to plan. Whew.

Let’s just say these next eight weeks on campus will be crazy, exciting, stressful and invigorating.

Just as I start to anticipate and feel the stress building, my eye is drawn to a knickknack distributed during the last Web redesign. It’s a picture frame in the shape of an elephant with the words “One Bite at a Time.”

Riddle me this, “How do you eat an elephant? One Bite at a Time.” How do you tackle any huge project or even multiple big projects? One bite at a time.

But it’s never a bad idea to enlist the support and assistance of others. Consider this your invitation to drop a note of appreciation and/or support to your favorite student or professor. You could also show your support by attending end-of-the-year concerts, art shows, musicals and other events.
Show some love to the admissions staff! Do you know of a high school student who would excel at Bluffton? Let us know and we’ll reach out to them.

Development officers are working to raise $2.3 million for the Health and Fitness Education Center before we can break ground. What was that Grandma used to say? Many hands make for light work? Get involved now.

Need more ideas? Reconnect with friends and fellow classmates while supporting the alumni relations staff by attending May Day on May 7, Ultimate Frisbee on June 25 and/or the Golf Outing on July 16.

Elephant buffet anyone?

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