Thursday, March 25, 2010

This could be the year

Wonder how long it would take to walk four miles? The annual May Day 4-mile Run/Cabin Walk is about 6 weeks away – May 8. I’m half tempted to register for the “run” but actually power walk it.

Having worked behind the scenes for the run in years past, I’m always amazed how many people come out on a Saturday morning to run four miles. There are alumni, current students, graduating students, incoming students, faculty/staff, children, community members who like to run… It’s quite a unique gathering of people with ages ranging from 10 and under to 70 and over.

The reasons they come out are as varied as the people; to stay in shape, to get in shape, to prove they can do it, to socialize, to reunite…

A few years ago a 5k walk was added as an option to the 4-mile run. Courses were set up through the Nature Preserve (complete with a refreshment stop at the College Cabin) and through town (to accommodate those pushing strollers.) The walk is not timed. It is purely for enjoyment. The first year the walk was included, I was surprised the number of young alumni pushing strollers, chatting and completely enjoying themselves.

This year the walking course has been changed so that it it’s less than 5K; hence the new name – the Cabin Walk. But it is still a great opportunity for spending time with friends in a low-stress environment.

Myself, I’d rather be timed; to know how long it took me to officially power walk four miles, then to compare that to next year’s time. Looking at last year’s times, the highest was just over 60 minutes. My best time in a 5k run/walk (3.1 miles) is 43 minutes and some. So, in theory, I could do this and not hold up the schedule.
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What do you say? Want to join me? I won’t hold it against you if you actually run and beat me!

Preregistration is available online, with reduced early registration fees and t-shirts available if you sign up before April 23.

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