Friday, March 12, 2010

Seven more Mondays!

Would you believe that Bluffton’s seniors only have seven more Mondays until graduation? (Eight weeks minus the Easter Monday break)

Depending on your viewpoint, that’s either cause for great celebration – or great anguish.

I posted on Facebook a few days ago about how the time between spring break and graduation becomes a mad sprint to the finish line. I’m sure we can all list projects which ‘must be done’ this spring. If we let it, those lists can become overwhelming. It can block our view of the emerging beauty around us.

Bluffton’s campus is gorgeous in all seasons, if we slow down enough to enjoy the view. Daffodils are starting to show signs of life in the flower beds across campus and I’d totally missed them until a colleague drew them to my attention.

Students will be back on campus Monday. I am so looking forward to the sounds of spring - the radio playing from the ball diamonds during pre-game, the distinctive thump of tennis ball golf - with any luck those sounds will pull me away from my lists and remind me to take time to “smell the roses.”

Here’s hoping that you do the same.

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