Friday, October 16, 2009

Bluffton students are the BEST!

Tommy Thompson and Sally Orgren go to great lengths to get the perfect shot!
What a fantastic couple of weeks!

Recently, I have had the definite pleasure of getting out and about, meeting and visiting with several of Bluffton’s students.

First there was being involved in taping interviews for new fall sports videos last Thursday; then helping with a 2-day photo shoot for admissions materials earlier this week; and now I’m scheduling interviews for a ‘student scholars’ video for next week. All of which confirms for me – Bluffton has amazing students!

I’m always impressed how well our students do in the interviews for the various Web videos we’ve done in the past year. There are the lights, a microphone hidden on their shoulder, camera, and then they are told “ignore all this. We’re just having a conversation.” Riiiight! Yet they pull it off beautifully.

One of the videos last week was to promote the volleyball team. The ladies decided amongst themselves to dress professionally. What a great visual message to present. Have I mentioned how much I love our students?

Then there was the photo shoot. Select students are lined up to be photographed, but it’s not unusual for us to run ahead of schedule. Rather than wait around for the next shot, photographer Tommy Thompson will ask us to ‘find more students.’

So art director Sally Orgren from Corcoran Communications and I will run to the library, the tech center, accost students walking on the path... We’re looking for students dressed “appropriately,” i.e. colorful shirts, non-grungy, with study materials. What’s cool is that we typically don’t have to look too far. And students are typically willing to help us out.

Yes, I really do love our students!

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