Friday, March 13, 2015

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Guest blog by Alex Parker '16
Public relations communications assistant
Co-leader of Improv
Track and Field throws captain

Since the beginning of the year I have been going once or twice a week to Fault Lines, the line dance club here on campus led by my good friend Bluffton senior Jesse Roth. Several of us gathered to learn dances - some which Jesse had choreographed - rehearse, enjoy a study break, laughter and a little exercise. There was a lot of work to be done so we could take a trip, and oh it was worth it.

We competed in the Fort Wayne Dance for All Choreography exhibition, a line dance competition, during spring break. Jesse had entered four dances she created in three different categories. Each category had 17 dances entered but only the top three placed.

Our team of five performed Fifth Avenue Diamond in the newcomer/novice division dance. The dance was choreographed to the song “Classic” by MKTO. It isn't a hard dance and despite our jitters everyone did well. We watched the judges scribble what I assumed were words of praise as we took our seats.

Next was Fazizzle, in the intermediate division, to the song “Tonight, Tonight” by Hot Chelle Rae. I always look like an awkward dolphin when I do this dance so I decided to sit it out. I watched from my seat as Jesse and two others hit the dance floor. The upbeat and bouncy dance received grins of approval from the judges.

Then we got to the final category, the phrased division. Jesse choreographed Stay True to the Andy Grammer song “Honey, I’m Good.” I was super confident her dances were doing well and that this dance was going to win because it was definitely the most adorable dance ever. In the same category was Keeps Me Awake to the song “Ghost” by Ella Henderson.

We left to go get dinner while the scores were all tallied up. After a good meal at Champions sports bar we returned to see what became of Jesse’s dances. All of the choreographers were lined up and they started with the newcomer/novice division. Jesse told me all she wanted was one third place finish, after all this is the biggest line dance competition in the nation. She got her wish! Fifth Avenue Diamond took third.

She looked pretty excited to have the third place finish, but I admit that I thought she deserved more. Where she saw opponents I saw unintended victims of dance. Low and behold I was right and Fazizzle took first in the intermediate division. To make the day even sweeter, Jesse accepted a third award as Stay True took first in the phrased division.

The emcee announced that there was one more prize to be awarded. The best overall choreographer. It had to be Jesse… and it was!

From there we spent the rest of the weekend learning new dances and enjoying ourselves. And I worked on inflating Jesse’s ego, because she’s kind of a big deal despite what she says.

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