Friday, October 24, 2014


I have a friend who takes great pleasure in keeping the world informed as to how many weeks it is until Christmas (nine – in case you were wondering.)

Which when viewed with a Bluffton student focus translates to just 27 more class days (plus finals) until Christmas break. No wonder people are starting to get a little stressed. Mid-terms, papers, presentations and projects are all coming due – or at least looming. Then you add the concerts and theatre productions to perform, athletic contests to compete in, special projects to complete for work or extracurricular organizations… it’s enough to make one want to hide until it all goes away.

Step in the student life professionals who work hard to provide ways for our students to stay balanced, serving their emotional, social, physical and spiritual needs.

Balance is the key word here. One must be hitting the books first in order for stepping away from the books to be helpful.

There must be tension in order for there to be balance. Think of a teeter totter. It’s pretty much pointless without someone on both ends. In the same way too much tension without balance is a bad thing – think of a spring that’s too tightly wound. Once it lets loose, look out, as it can cause some major damage.

Whether you are a new student experiencing a semester-end for the first time, a parent of a student struggling with balance or non-student dealing with the tension between work, home and community – it’s all the same. 

Embrace the tension. Seek the balance. And Grow through the process.

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