Thursday, February 27, 2014

Taking on Cancer

Baseball vs. Cancer 2014
Cancer is one of those diseases which has touched just about everybody at one time or another, whether through a parent, a grandparent, friend, neighbor, child, niece or nephew or yourself.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Bluffton baseball players have "taken on" cancer by raising funds for childhood cancer research, then shaving their heads in the week before heading south for spring training. 

I would suspect that some do it because Coach said to, or that the team expects it, but others have more of a connection – or so I've learned through social media.

But it wasn't just the baseball guys who got involved. Math professor Dr. Darryl Nester ’88 also stepped up to the plate.

In all, more than $800 was raised in cash during the lunch-time head-shaving extravaganza from students, faculty, staff and others who attended, for a total team donation of more than $8,500.

New this year, faculty, staff, alumni and friends joined forces to crochet caps to show support for the guys.
More than 80 caps were crocheted, enough for every person who participated, with the extras going to a local hospital to be given to cancer patients.

All in all – not a bad day for Bluffton University.

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