Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In all things give thanks

“I’m thankful for the past, because the past is why I’m here today.”

Not exactly what I expected to be written when people were given the opportunity to anonymously express thanks on the PR conference room white board. Thanksgiving break, home cooking, family, health; these would not have surprised me. But “I’m thankful for the past?”

Maybe it wasn’t intended, but I read into that statement gratefulness for all the good and the bad; the heartbreak and the joy. It takes a very strong person to be thankful for all that is past, and to acknowledge its role in shaping who we are today as individuals, as families, as institutions and as a country.

And depending on the past, some may never get to this place. Acceptance – OK. But thankfulness? That can be a stretch.

So to whoever wrote this statement, for whatever past you are referring to, I’m thankful for the you that you are today. Consider yourself hugged.

I’m also thankful that the rest of the posts were, while for the most part thoughtful, a bit less deep.

We can all be thankful for the long weekend, for indoor plumbing (curious about the story behind that one!), for nice people and for all of our student workers, including Ariel Shuey.

From all of us at Bluffton, Happy Thanksgiving.

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