Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Love those electives

Every year as I proof Bluffton’s course catalog I can’t help but to wax nostalgic. Reading over the course titles and descriptions my mind drifts back to when I sat in those classes, to the professors, to the classmates. I remember reading children’s books aloud in Oral Interp. Fond memories from Shakespeare, Statistics, Grammar, all come flooding back.

Focus. Must. Focus.

Then there are courses which are intriguing. Wouldn’t it be fun to take classes just for the pure joy of learning? No tests. No grades. Courses with no immediate purpose other than gaining knowledge - courses like Women’s History; Recreation & the Aging ProcessGender, Race and Communication; Ceramics, etc. etc.

Bluffton’s students are given the wonderful opportunity to take random classes not because they meet a gen ed or major requirement, but because they sound interesting. Love those electives. Electives can enrich your education, or might lead to your true calling. For instance I started out as a business major… but have enjoyed a career in communications for 25 years and counting.

For the last several years, the Institute for Learning in Retirement offered at Bluffton, has provided no test, no grade classes for senior citizens. For one low fee, seniors may take as many or as few classes each session as interests them. How cool is that? Classes range from art to nutrition, religion to history, and more.

Wouldn’t that be fun? But for now, I really must focus and get back to proofing the catalog!

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