Monday, May 23, 2011

3-D glasses and Mozart

Over the years the Bluffton University Artist Series has brought memorable vocalists, instrumentalists, dancers and performers to Northwest Ohio. This season promises to build upon this tradition of excellence and variety.”

For years this paraphrased statement was included on the annual Artist Series brochure promoting the coming year’s attractions. Reality has lived up to this marketing and Northwest Ohio has taken notice. To the point where we no longer advertise individual performances in local media, because seats are typically sold out!

Before taking over web/social media responsibilities, I worked primarily with print projects. I always enjoyed working on the Artist Series brochure. We’d typically pick one of the performances to use as inspiration for the look of the brochure and program.

This year the inspiration would probably be The Four Freshmen of 1950’s fame, or maybe Mark Nizer 3D. Can you imagine a brochure with photo registration off just a bit, looking 3D-ish, with an image of cool cardboard glasses on the front? Wouldn’t that be fun?

The 2011-12 season will open in September with The Four Freshmen, a top vocal group from the ‘50’s with multiple hit singles. According to their website, The Four Freshmen “formed the bridge between '40s ensembles like Mel-Tones and harmony-based rock & roll bands such as the Beach Boys.” What a way to set the tone for 2011-12.

I’m impressed by the variety of artists typically attracted by this series. In addition to nostalgic and non-music performers, there are often performances with a cross-cultural/international feel (Chamber Orchestra Kremlin), piano, in conjunction with the Pearl Bogart Mann Memorial Piano Recital (Pridonoff Piano Duo) and a classic ensemble (Ohio State University Flute Troupe.)

You are invited to purchase your season tickets now! While in the past Artist Series tickets were not sold until late summer, this year season tickets are available early. Tickets for the individual performances will be available after Aug. 1.

Reserve your seats now while the best seats remain!

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