Monday, April 11, 2011

Let’s plan a meet-up

May Day 2011 is right around the corner. Months of planning are coming down to the final 3 ½ week-push.

On campus, the court has been selected, dancers recruited and musical rehearsals are in full swing. Programs are in their final proof stage before being sent off to the printer. The king and queen are working on their remarks. Set construction for the musical begins today. And that’s just a sampling of all the activity surrounding this annual celebration.

Members of the ‘5-year reunion classes’ – for class years ending in 6 or 1, and last year’s graduating class – have received invitations to their class reunion.

My invite read “Bluffton welcomes the class of 1986 for their 25-year reunion.” Twenty-five years? Really? I don’t feel like we should be marking our 25-year reunion.

It’s interesting talking with alumni from earlier classes. They know exactly who was in their class. Maybe it’s due to the campus traditions of the day - Freshman Beanies and Senior Sneak. Me? I’m glancing through the ‘86 yearbook senior section and thinking “really? I thought she was older than us.” Or “where is so-and-so? I thought he graduated with us.”

Alumni professionals will tell you that somewhere along the line students became more closely affiliated with interest groups such as teams, clubs, music ensembles or majors, than with their graduating class. That’s why over the years group reunions have been added to the May Day schedule along with the class reunions. For many years, former members of the vocal ensembles have gathered for an Alumni Sing. A few years ago, departmental reunions were added and just last year the inaugural Ministry Teams reunion was held. This year, a special reunion will be held for the social work department.

The last few reunions for the class of ’86, I’m thinking we had 12-15 people there. Wouldn’t it be fun to double or triple that number? A class of ’86 Facebook group was created to start a ‘virtual reunion’ that would –in theory– continue with an in-person meet-up at May Day. So far it hasn’t taken off. Here’s your invitation to join, add your friends and post.

You’re not part of the 25-year class, no problems. Start your own Facebook group. Post on the Bluffton University page. Let the reuniting begin!

See you on campus soon! May Day class alumnotes May Day schedule May Day registration form

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