Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Keep doing what you do

"God’s providence brought us together and God’s providence sustains us going forward…" shared Lawrence Matthews ‘78, director of financial aid, at Bluffton’s annual employee recognition banquet.

Faculty/staff reaching five-year employment milestones were recognized Sunday night. A written bio was included in the program for those with 20 years or more of service. Those with 25 years of service or more were invited to speak.

Sue (McDougal ’76) Van Eman, associate director of admissions, and Gary Schiefer, associate professor of business, received the 20-year award; Phill Talavinia, director of athletics, 25 years; and Larry Kinn, buildings and grounds carpenter, and Lawrence, 30 years.

A reoccurring theme in presentations by Phill, Larry and Lawrence was “I only planned to work at Bluffton for a short time.” So what turns a 2-3-year job into a 20-30 year career? As I near one of these milestones, I can’t help but internalize this question.

It is the people, fellow staff/faculty and students. Each of the presenters spoke of people who were important throughout their careers – the late Elmer Neufeld, Don Schweingruber, Lee Snyder and others.

It’s also the mission, the working environment, and, yes, God’s providence which sustains us through the rough times.

But at the end of the day it’s all about enjoying what you do. As Phill shared, “Real success is finding your life’s work in the work that you love.” (David McCullough historian and author of the Pulitzer Prize winning biography Truman)

Congratulations to all who were recognized and thank you for continuing to do what you love to do.

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