Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Counting our blessings

2010 Bluffton University public relations team
It may be a bit cliché, but in this time of year when the to-do-list explodes way past manageable, nerves fray and time becomes a precious commodity, this year I’m going to make a conscious effort to keep the holidays in perspective. My first step will be to count my blessings.

In that vein, I’ve asked my colleagues to name their blessings, resulting in the following.

Top 10 Things We in the PR House are Thankful For

10. To have our offices in a comfortable, warm house with windows letting in the beautiful sunshine. (Scott Borgelt, writer)

9. The excitement, school spirit and good will J. Denny Beaver has created, leading to his opportunity to be in Bluffton’s Blaze of Lights Parade on Saturday. (Robin Bowlus, PR director)

8. All of our Facebook, Twitter and blog friends. You have no idea how good it makes me when you “like” my posts, and when you make a comment… oh happy day. (me)

7. My friends! They're always there when I need them and know how to put a smile on my face when I need it the most. (Megan DeNoi, student assistant)

6. We're thankful for a fun staff that works well together! :) (Stephanie Finn, student writer)

5. Coworkers and supervisors who embrace my less-than-perfect self while challenging me to excel. (Julie Hadding, communication coordinator, although I think we can all relate to that)

4. A family-friendly work environment. Whether you are torn between work and toddler issues, aging parent issues or something in-between, there is flexibility, support and understanding.

3. Meaningful work. We’re not just making wigits. We’re sharing exciting news about a great place in order to attract prospective students and keep our alumni connected to their alma mater.

2. Our student workers – Maria Langenkamp, Megan Yoder, Megan DeNoi, Cody Litwiller, Ariel Shuey, Stephanie Finn, Brittany Fry and Jordan Childress. We could not do what we do without you.

1. Cookies. Last week we received a giant decorated cookie from the mom of one of “our” students. She just wanted to say thanks for taking care of her kid. What an unexpected blessing. But really, thank you. Thank you for sharing your students with us. We are so honored to be part of their life, to watch them grow from unsure first-year students to capable, confident young adults.

Now it is your turn to create your very own Top 10 Blessings list. You’ll be surprised how this exercise helps start the holidays on a positive note.

So from our house to yours, have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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