Wednesday, September 15, 2010


There was a touch of color in the trees, a bright blue sky, warm sun, cool breezes; a beautiful fall day on Bluffton’s campus - the perfect day for a picnic, for throwing a Frisbee, for looking forward in anticipation to the Health and Fitness Education Center building project.

Students, faculty, staff, alumni and others gathered Tuesday noon for a picnic near the site of what will be the new Health and Fitness Education Center. Frisbees were used to support plates of standard picnic fare.

The changing colors of the Frisbee caught many (including me) by surprise. While not analyzing it, I thought it was purple out at the picnic, but it was an odd purplish-white in the office. Having many other things to occupy my mind yesterday afternoon, I didn’t think much more about it until reading a comment on J. Denny Beaver’s Facebook page this morning about the changing colors.

Now it makes perfect sense – a transforming Frisbee to promote a project which will further transform the university. Very nice.

In just the years since I came back to Bluffton as a staff member, many new buildings have changed, enhanced and invigorated campus... Guess I have been here for a while: Salzman Stadium was built the year I joined staff. It was also the year my student assistant was born . Oy.

Just like Yoder Recital Hall (1993) and Centennial Hall (2000) provided new and expanded opportunities for students, the Health and Fitness Education Center will do the same.

President Harder spoke about the center in his annual President’s Forum. After showing artist’s renderings of the building exterior, the performance arena, weights and fitness center and described the sports medicine center, he drew a chuckle from the packed house when the next slide featured just one word “When ???” From the audience reaction, many were obviously asking the same thing. When??? How soon??? Will I get to use this facility as a student???

The answer to that question is up to us, to you, to me, to all who love Bluffton. To find out how to help with the answer, visit

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