Friday, July 30, 2010

Pardon our dust 2

Guest blog by Mark Bourassa

In my years as the director of Marbeck Center, many of the highlights include changes and renovations that we have made to the facility and program. This summer has marked a significant renovation to our campus restaurant as we make changes in our main service area, The Commons.

The Commons has undergone a complete makeover as we change the ways in which we serve our customers. The change involves a movement away from traditional cafeteria style design to a scattered station approach. Plans include designated staffed stations such as Pizza & Pasta, Hometown (traditional meal), Fresh Vegetables, Carved Meats, Deli/Sandwich, American Grille and Red Hot Chef all serving up fresh food prepared right in front of you! Not to mention the salad/soup bar, beverages and dessert areas.

Construction has been on-going throughout the summer and we have continued to serve meals to our summer conference guests. It has been challenging at times to work around the inconveniences of the construction, but our guests have been very understanding.

The serving stations and equipment began arriving two weeks ago. It has been quite a transformation and comments have been overwhelmingly positive from our campus guests and university staff in regards to the new look.

Plans are to begin serving from all concepts beginning on Aug. 1 with the final week of our summer conference groups. This will be our “test run” in preparation for the arrival of our students.

I’m excited about our new dining services concepts and am looking forward to seeing how our students will respond to the changes!

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