Friday, June 25, 2010

Light bulbs and toilet paper

Several years ago I picked up a series of postcards at a conference for inspiration. These high gloss cards featured high quality images of common items on a brightly-colored background: a light bulb, a roll of toilet paper, etc.

It was, in my opinion, an amazing tongue-in-cheek annual fund campaign, eye-catching, fun. I only wish I remembered which sister college did this so I could give them proper credit.

Gifts to the annual fund (which we call the Bluffton Fund) support the university’s general operating budget. Tuition covers approximately 75 percent of the cost of student education. The remainder is paid through the gifts to the university and investment income.

For the past several years, Bluffton students have observed Tuition Gift Celebration Day in February or March. It’s that day which figuratively marks when tuition no longer covers undergraduate educational expenses and gifts/investments begin picking up the tab. Students have shared that Tuition Gift Celebration Day is an important reminder that there are many alumni and friends supporting them.

To be fair, the Bluffton Fund is not used to buy light bulbs and toilet paper, but supports scholarships, faculty resources, student services, athletic programs, classrooms, labs, maintenance and many other academic, social and spiritual opportunities.

So why am I telling you all this? Bluffton’s fiscal year ends on June 30. Here is your chance to support today’s students while finishing the 2009-10 fiscal year strong.

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