Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Life is change

I’ve had a yellow star-shaped sticky note on my monitor for some time now, long enough that I normally don’t even notice it. That is until today.

Life is Change.

Believe I copied that from a tweet by @judsonlaipply or maybe his Web site. It struck me then as a thought worth posting. It has a much more positive spin than the old saying that “the Only Constant is Change,” which can be a depressing, overwhelming, stressful thought.

Change can keep things interesting.

Change can keep you on your toes.

Change is the natural progression of life.

There’s change in family roles: from Mommy to Mom to Mother-in-law, from dependent daughter to caretaker. There’s change in work roles: new jobs, new ways to do our jobs, new opportunities. There’s change all around us: even new streetscapes with one less stoplight than we are used to, and no right-turn-on red. (Visit Bluffton to see what’s up with that. It’s really quite nice. Just different.)

Thank goodness in all this craziness there are some constants. Last Sunday Bluffton employees reaching 5-year milestones were honored at the Faculty and Staff Recognition Dinner. Of the 39 people honored, 12 have worked at Bluffton for 20 years or more.

Faculty/Staff honored for employment milestones
Seven were given the opportunity to reflect on their years at Bluffton: 25-year honorees Tami Forbes (HPER), Marcia Gallant (Marbeck), Jeff Gundy (English) and Gregg Luginbuhl (art); Willis Sommer (fiscal affairs), 30 years; Rick Lichtle (business office), 35 years; and Sue Hardwick (box office), 45 years.

The common-denominator in all their comments: Bluffton is a great place because of the people and the natural beauty of campus. While I cannot speak for the whole of Bluffton’s 110 years, for the time that I’ve been around I would have to agree.

What makes Bluffton a special place? Tami expressed it well, “It’s all about relationships.”

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