Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Are you ready for some Beaver football?

The home opener is Saturday, Sept. 5. Consider this your personal invitation to be part of the excitement of 2009 Bluffton football! There will be a picnic, give-aways at the gate, the Beaver Dam. We’re hoping to pack the stands and cheer the Beavers on to victory.

OK, we all know the Beavers’ football team has struggled in the past.

So why should this year be any different for Bluffton football, coming off of two years with identical 1-9 records? Last year was a transition year as first-year Head Coach Tyson Veidt worked to shape this team. It sounds cliché, but he is a very intense individual. If his players pick up just a fraction of his intensity, you should be able to hear the shoulder pads popping as our “boys” take it to the house. (Watch the Bluffton football video.)

Remember the Beaver Dam student fan section? It’s coming back this year. So there will be a renewed energy coming from the stands. And there is something else new this year that will add a whole new dimension to Bluffton football, a whole new excitement to the team. I can’t tell you what it is yet, but trust me, it’s BIG!

So make plans now to join us for the home opener vs. Alma on Game Day @ Bluffton. Kickoff is at 1 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 5. Or come early and join us for a picnic lunch under the tent at the stadium. Cost for the picnic is $6.

Go Beavers!


  1. During my time as a student the football team went 3-6, 0-9, 2-7 - OK my senior year they were 8-1, but by then it was too late. My Saturday afternoon routine was set and it did not involve football.

    One game I do remember vividly though was Homecoming 1984. Several recent grads had come back to Bluffton for the day. The game was held at the BHS stadium where the stands are really close to the sidelines. We were getting beat when one of the players, Bruce Hochwalt, gave this amazing, impassioned speech to the defensive line. I don’t remember if it worked, but I do remember the 15 or so of us cheering wildly when he finished.

  2. 1999 (7-3, 4-3 HCAC)
    2000 (7-3, 5-1 HCAC)
    2001 (5-5, 4-2 HCAC)
    2002 (3-7, 1-5 HCAC)
    2003 (2-8, 0-6 HCAC)
    2004 (5-5, 3-3 HCAC)
    2005 (3-7, 2-4 HCAC)
    2006 (3-7, 2-5 HCAC)
    2007 (1-9, 1-6 HCAC)
    2008 (1-9, 0-7 HCAC)

    Good luck to the Beavers! The past ten years have not been the most kind at 37-63 and only 3 winning seasons in the HCAC. It would be great to see the Beavers turn it around. The HCAC hasn't been the strongest of leagues so the Beavers might be able to become competitive in a shorter time than in some other leagues.

  3. In the past ten years:
    Hanover - 59-45 (4 playoff appearances)
    Mount St. Joe - 58-46 (3 playoff appearances)
    Franklin 54-52 (2 playoff appearances)
    Anderson - 49-51
    Defiance - 49-51 (1 playoff appearance)
    Rose-Hulman 40-58 (some years in SCAC)
    Bluffton 37-63
    Manchester 22-78